Tales From The Green Wood

2024 Performances

This March, in situ: performs:

Hamlet, Ghost Stories and Ghost Stories II at The Leper Chapel, Cambridge

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Site Specific Theatre In Cambridge

Since 2000, in situ: theatre has created and performed challenging and exciting site-specific, environmental theatre in Cambridge.

We have performed at a range of non-theatre venues in and around the East Anglian city, from museums, churches and parks to an ordinary suburban house.

In 2015, in situ: performed at the Brighton Fringe festival to great acclaim, returning in 2016.


in situ: regularly performs at venues such as The Leper Chapel in Newmarket Road, Wandlebury Country Park, St. Andrew’s Hall in Chesterton and The House, a suburban house in South Cambridge.

The House

Performances at The House are invitation-only exclusively to members of our mailing list.

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