Richard Spaul returns to The Leper Chapel with Ghost Stories II.

Following the success of Ghost Stories, Richard is back with more edge-of-the-seat stuff in the perfect setting of the ancient, mysterious Leper Chapel. Two remarkable ghost stories from two remarkable writers.

In A Kink in Space Time by H. Russell Wakefield, a distinguished physicist is suffering a terrible psychotic breakdown caused by overwork. He hears giggling voices and hears bells ringing. He’s been very ill. He’s convalescing in a quiet village. He thinks he’s getting better.

But one evening a man runs past him covered in river slime. He knows he knows him but who is he? What’s his significance? Why can’t he stop thinking about him? An obsessive quest follows to track down this man and find out his identity. A quest that leads to madness and death.

Uncanny, nail-biting stuff from a remarkable writer who was enormously popular in his time but unjustly neglected since. A Kink in Space Time explores the link between mental illness and the paranormal with great intelligence, insight and compassion.

In Bewitched, Edith Wharton takes us into a bleak world of isolated farms , snow-covered fields and frozen ponds that reflects the lives and minds of the people who live there.

Mrs Routledge has caught her husband cheating on her. She has seen her husband meeting in secret with his former sweetheart, Ora Brand.

Problem. But it’s a bigger problem than you might think.

Because Ora Brand is dead.

A fascinating and superlatively creepy story of illicit love in a loveless world.

Edith Wharton is a spellbinder and Ghost Stories II is a deliciously scary theatrical treat.

“Amazing… Atmospheric… Scary”
“Wonderful ambience and approach to building the performance”

Ghost Stories II

Directed, told and sung by Richard Spaul

Dates: Friday 15 – Saturday 16 March, 2024
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: The Leper Chapel, Cambridge | Map
Tickets: £15 available in advance and from 7.30pm at the venue.