Orestia: Agamemnon

in situ: is a ground-breaking theatre ensemble based in Cambridge. We perform site-specific and environmental work in non-theatre spaces.

Professionally-run, in situ: works with a range of artists, actors and creative people on long-term collaborative projects.

Twelfth Night 2010

Site-specific theatre

Formed in 2000, in situ: is the successor to Cambridge Experimental Theatre, the pioneering avant-garde group of the ’80s and ’90s.

in situ: creates performances outside the boundaries of conventional theatre. We perform in non-theatre spaces, such as houses, churches, museums – even an iron age hill fort.

Since 2000, in situ: has earned a reputation for employing the tools of theatre-making – especially voice, text and story – in new and surprising ways.

in situ: Theatre History

in situ: formed in April 2000 to produce high-quality theatrical work using space, environment, extended vocality and technology.

Since then, in situ: has given nearly 200 performances and taught hundreds of people who want to learn how to act.


in situ: teaches a range of acting skills. There are a range of options for creative people who want to get involved, from one- or two-day courses covering beginner’s acting skills to advanced residential workshops on specific techniques.