New Course: The Woyzeck Project

in situ: is pleased to announced a new course for 2018 exploring Tragedy and Physical Theatre: The Woyzeck Project. The course will focus on Georg Buechner’s Woyzeck, one of the most popular and enduring plays in German Theatre and consists of eight sessions, starting Thursday, 25 January. Physical Theatre We will be working on Mask, Caricature, Read more about New Course: The Woyzeck Project[…]

Richard Spaul tells The Demon Lover

Richard Spaul talks about The Demon Lover

This winter, our new production is The Demon Lover, the third in director Richard Spaul’s series of spine-chilling tales performed in the Leper Chapel. Here he talks about the show. Why is the idea of ‘a demon’ so compelling to us – even though, given the decline of religion, we may think there is no Read more about Richard Spaul talks about The Demon Lover[…]

Three Sisters Preview

In June this summer, in situ: brings to Cambridge Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters. Director Richard Spaul speaks about his motivations in presenting it – and about the very particular performance approach he has used. Why did you choose Three Sisters? This is one of the greatest plays of the 20th century – indeed of any Read more about Three Sisters Preview[…]

Voice is the Muscle of the Soul

Tales of Mystery and Imagination preview

This summer, director Richard Spaul brings a pair of one-man shows on spectral themes to the atmospheric setting of the Leper Chapel. Tales of Mystery and Imagination contains two of the stories from Edgar Allan Poe’s collection of the same name. Here, Richard talks about his inspirations and hopes for the performance. The choice of Read more about Tales of Mystery and Imagination preview[…]

Learn to Act 3: Staging and interpretation

This summer in situ:, presents an eight-week course exploring ways of making text come alive in performance. Using dialogues from King Lear and Hedda Gabler, we’ll explore Shakespeare’s language and look at more modern psychological approaches to: the staging and interpretation of text, the creation of character, use of space and and interacting with and Read more about Learn to Act 3: Staging and interpretation[…]

This December: The Oresteia Trilogy

in situ: revisits its popular adaptations of Agamemnon and Choepheroi this December, adding Eumenides to complete the trilogy. Richard Spaul took some time out from working on the production to explain some of the thinking that went in to its development. The Adaptation Richard Spaul writes: “One thing I’ve had to consider is whether any Read more about This December: The Oresteia Trilogy[…]

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