The response to in situ:‘s summer production the ghost in me led to an autumnal revisiting of some of the remaining material which was reworked into a new performance given in The Leper Chapel.

These comments were written by audience members following the production:

“The piece made me very thoughtful about the place of older figures in my own life, the way that the events of their childhood shaped them and then passed on both the negative and positive shaping down the line…I was particularly tearful at the war letter which, given the recent Armistice, was so poignant.”

“I was particularly impressed by the use of light in contrast to darkness. The feeble lights from various sources, in conjunction with almost invisible curtains, created not only new dimensions in the dark space (of the Leper Chapel)… bit a;sp intangible time barriers between past, present, memories and oneiric projections.”

“I occasionally stepped out of being only a watcher, and stepped into witnessing the audience – all rapt, all absolutely focussed on the mesmerising performances of the actors.”

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