From Cambridge Experimental Theatre’s Othello in 1982 to in situ:’s amibitious summer Shakespeare festival in 2009, Richard Spaul has, first as artistic director of Cambridge Experimental Theatre and more recently as a director of in situ:, wrestled with Shakespeare’s greatest texts, making them yield new and surprising meanings.


As in situ:’s talented ensemble has grown in size and ability, it has taken on greater and more complex works.

From the notorious psycho-sexual version of Macbeth in 2003, to an extremely tragicomic The Winter’s Tale and the metaphysical journey of King Lear, Shakepeare’s finest plays have been an important part of in situ:’s ten-year programme.

The company celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2010 with revivals from its 2009 Shakespeare festival with King LearMacbeth and Twelfth Night.


Acting Shakespeare led by Richard Spaul

An energetic opponent of restrictive and authoritarian approaches to Shakespeare’s work, Richard offers a range of imaginative ways in to Shakespeare that are funny, subversive and liberating.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the use of games to shake up a text or a scene, plus detailed work on voice, space and status.

Participants will be expected to learn a short solo piece of their own choosing, plus a dialogue which will be supplied.

Contact us if you’re interested in new dates for this workshop.