Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet, perhaps Shakespeare’s most enigmatic tragedy. Over its 16-year history, in situ: has produced many remarkable interpretations of Shakespeare. A world of mirrors in Twelfth Night. Fantasy, vaudeville and horror in The Winter’s Tale. The nightmarish world of abused and broken dolls in Macbeth. We dig out what is most relevant, powerful and unsettling in Read more about Hamlet by William Shakespeare[…]

Oresteia Trilogy

Oresteia is the only surviving trilogy in Greek Tragedy. Dating from around 460 B.C.E., it deals with the bloody vendetta within the House of Atreus. In an ambitious undertaking, in situ: will stage the entire Oresteia trilogy twice in December 2014. You can choose to see the entire trilogy over the course of Friday 12 Read more about Oresteia Trilogy[…]

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