Photo: Melissa Pierce Murray

One of the greatest masterpieces of Greek Theatre or any theatre, Euripides’ Bacchae is about the conflict between Dionysus, God of wine and revelry, and Pentheus, King of Thebes. Pentheus refuses to recognise this new anarchic god and resists him, with terrifying and fatal consequences for himself.

in situ:’s Bacchae is an exciting site-specific performance, taking place on Wormwood Hill at Wandlebury Country Park, a mysterious and ancient human-made structure, crowned by an old Holm Oak.  A perfect setting for the strange violent rituals of Bacchae and far better than any ordinary theatre. This is what in situ: does. We find new and extraordinary sites for our performances – we’ve worked in houses, fields and chapels – now we’re on Wormwood Hill, one of the most evocative sites we’ve ever worked in and promising a unique theatrical experience.

in situ:’s talented ensemble brings the work to life in a stunning combination of Chorus, Choreography and Text.

We are thrilled to be working with performer and interactive sculptor Melissa Pierce Murray, whose powerful works enhance both landscape and performance. You can find out more about Melissa’s work in her interview with Sue Quilliam below. Sue has also interviewed Director Richard Spaul about the making of Bacchae.

Numbers are very limited and tickets are unlikely to be available on site on the evenings of performances, so we advise booking well in advance.

NB: Bacchae is a walkaround performance and involves a 5 minute walk to and from the performance site and a short climb during the performance itself. People with limited mobility may find it difficult, so please check if you are in doubt. There are no seats, so be prepared to stand for over an hour or bring a folding chair with you. 

There are loos at Wandlebury Country Park, but they are some distance from the performance space.

The audience will be greeted at the Main Entrance and led to and from the performance site.

The Bacchae

Directed by: Richard Spaul

Date: Wednessday 19 – Saturday 22 June, 2024
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Wandlebury Country Park, Cambridge | Map
Tickets: £18 available in advance and from 7.30pm at the venue.