in situ: Julius Caesar project cast

Homer’s Odyssey is one of the foundational texts of Western literature. It has influenced everything from Greek Tragedy to James Joyce to Science Fiction to computer games.

It’s the prototype for all journeys beset with dangers and thrills and challenges. Such journeys are called Odysseys.

Odyssey is an extraordinary poem full of atmosphere, character and incident, including the one-eyed man-eating Cyclops; the goddess Circe who turns men into pigs; the Sirens, whose beautiful singing lures men to their deaths and much much more.

in situ:’s new performance, in the atmospheric setting of The Leper Chapel, is full of new exciting approaches and daring experiment, combining eye-catching physical theatre, haunting song and vocal composition and storytelling.

Odyssey Project is a feast for the eye, ear and mind from a theatre company with a fine reputation for site-specific work that is exploratory, intimate and emotionally powerful.

Unlike much of our work, Odyssey Project is a sit-down performance. It lasts approximately 80 minutes with no interval. Please note that there are no loos on the site.

Odyssey Project

Directed by Richard Spaul

Date: Thursday 13 October – Saturday 15 October, 2022
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: The Leper Chapel, Cambridge | Map
Tickets: £15 available in advance and from 7.30pm at the venue.