‘Do you believe, Hilde, that some people have the power to get what they want – just by willing it.’
‘If that’s true, we’ll soon see if I’ve got that power, Mr Solness’

The Master Builder. Ibsen’s late masterpiece.

Enigmatic. Disturbing. Elusive.

A man – a very successful man – a Master Builder – starts to believe that he has a strange power over people – that he can get what he wants by the simple force of his will. And that he has demons that help him do it. Is he mad? His wife and his doctor think he might be.

And then out of the blue a young woman turns up with a strange story. She says he seduced her 10 years ago when she was a teenager, kissed her, bewitched her, and promised that he’d come back in 10 years like a troll and give her a kingdom.

He didn’t come, so she has come for him.

She wants her kingdom.

He has no memory of this.

But did he call her?

Did he want her?

Master Builder Project

Directed by Richard Spaul

Date: Thursday 22 June – Saturday 24 June, 2023
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: The Leper Chapel, Cambridge | Map
Tickets: £15 available in advance and from 7.30pm at the venue.

The performance lasts approximately 90 minutes with no interval. Please note that there will be toilets on the site for these performances.