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Rat Man: A Case of Obsessional Neurosis


Wednesday 25 – Friday 28 November, 2008
Saturday 29 November, 2008 – extended 9 hour performance
Venue: The House
Time: 8pm

This performance is the culmination of a four-term project, which started in October, 2007.

It’s a hybrid of various media, including installation, extended voice composition, acting, discourses and readings. It’s a kaleidoscope of things that took place within the Rat Man’s analysis with Freud – his experiences, thoughts, memories, dreams and fantasies. It’s also the response of the performers themselves to that material.

You will hear about the Rat Man’s dreams, but you will also hear the dreams of the performers. You will observe the Rat Man’s obsessions and compulsions, but also the obsessions and compulsions that the performers have created in response.

In other words it’s the record of an encounter, not a dramatisation of events.

Oedipus Rex

by Sophocles in a new adaptation by Richard Spaul


Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 July, 2008
Venue: The Leper Chapel, Barnwell Junction, Newmarket Road
Time: 8pm

Oedipus Rex – the greatest of all Greek Tragedies.

Thebes is under a curse. Disease and death haunt the city. King Laius has been murdered and his killer as yet remains uncaught. His successor, King Oedipus, swears he will solve the mystery, but finds to his growing horror that all the evidence points to himself. And much worse is to come.

All performances will take place at The Leper Chapel, one of the oldest and most atmospheric buildings in Cambridge, creating an ideal site for this powerful drama of corruption, ostracism and social cleansing.

In a new and vibrant adaptation of Sophocles’ classic, in situ: Cambridge’s leading experimental theatre company, performs inside, outside and all around this remarkable building.


by Ovid


Wednesday 16 – Saturday 19 July, 2008

Venue: Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge
Time: 8pm

This ambitious performance of Ovid’s famous cycle of stories takes place in the beautiful and varied landscape of Wandlebury Ring, the perfect setting for Ovid’s gorgeous, fascinating and occasionally terrifying stories of passionate love, transcendental hate and miraculous transformation.

In a performance of epic proportions and cinematic scope, in situ: takes you on an extraordinary journey through secluded groves, open meadows and atmospheric woodlands.

One moment the actors are by your side, the next they are flash of movement through the trees. Then they are distant specks on the horizon.

Metamorphoses is a unique theatrical experience.

The Winter’s Tale

by William Shakespeare


Saturday 21 – Saturday 28 June, 2008
(no performance Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 June)
Venue: The Leper Chapel, Barnwell Junction, Newmarket Road, Cambridge
Time: 8pm

Shakespeare’s mysterious late masterpiece – a drama of Death and Rebirth, Loss and Redemption.

Leontes, King of Sicilia, becomes possessed by a motiveless and terrifying jealousy. It engulfs his kingdom and family, leaving his wife and son dead and his baby daughter cast out.

Sixteen years pass; Winter turns to Summer and Tragedy turns to Comedy.

The Cambridge Leper Chapel provides a wonderful setting for this drama of changing fortunes and seasons, moving from the stark 12th century interior – the Winter Palace of the jealous king – to the beautiful wooded surroundings, site of the ancient Stourbridge Fair and ideal for the play’s sudden leap into the world of Bohemia, an anarchic summer world of fun, fairs, song-and-dance men, peasants, pickpockets, romantic liaisons and bears that eat people.

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