King Lear

Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy: an aged king gives away his kingdom and begins a harrowing journey of loss and displacement – loss of home, self-esteem and finally sanity.

With its famous scenes of storms and wilderness and its extremes of human suffering and cruelty, King Lear was described by A.C. Bradley as being “too huge for the stage”.

In Wandlebury Country Park, with its Iron-Age fort, woods and meadows, in situ: has found a setting of a scale and diversity to match this extraordinary play.

A remarkable walkaround performance that maps its hero’s spiritual journey from civilisation to destitution, in situ:’s King Lear follows the enormous success of Metamorphoses, performed on the same site in 2007 and 2008.

“A weird and wonderful rite… Brilliant” (Hunts Post)




in situ: King Lear by William Shakespeare:

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What is the story of King Lear?:

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Why perform King Lear at Wandlebury Country Park?:

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