Review: Three Sisters

By Chris Carson:

Having read Three Sisters I was looking forward to seeing how insitu: would tackle it. More than impressed, I found myself immersed in an experience that was both powerful and moving.

A slow dance-like movement of members of the cast as they moved around the set seemed to cast a spell of heightened reality, almost dreamlike. Indeed the play opens with the rag-tag refugee- looking group bedding down for the night and going to sleep. When they awake we become witness to convincing interaction and dialogue, and a natural flow that captivates us from start to finish.

There is an effective fusion of words and movement that serves to draw you in, physically, mentally and emotionally. And a flexible manipulation of time to include the present -characters looking back to the Cold War for example – gives a contemporary feel.

The physical setting changing from a closed-in group to separated individuals who have joined the audience suggested both a tearing apart of the group yet an inclusion of the audience. The empty space we are left with – upturned chairs, broken crockery, scattered suitcases, a birthday cake (amazingly still intact!) – reflects the upheaval in the lives of the people that we have just witnessed.

It all ends with the emotionally-charged words “If only we could know” in the face of a life that bewilders and frustrates, yet still may offer hope, and poses more questions than answers.

A wonderful performance of an imaginatively- presented interpretation of Chekov’s play.

Chris Carson, 24 June 2017.